Join the handheld gaming revolution with PS Vita, the next generation portable entertainment system from PlayStation.

Cross-platform features

Connect your PS Vita to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 for even more great entertainment on the go. Cross-platform features bring you unique interactive experiences with revolutionary new ways to play your favourite games.

  • Remote Play

    PS Vita and PS4 are perfect partners - if your TV is busy, play a wide range of compatible PS4 games on your PS Vita screen and keep the fun going.

  • Cross-Buy

    Enjoy unbeatable value for money – buy a game for your PS Vita, PS4 or PS3 and get the same title for free or at a discount on the other systems.

  • Cross-Goods

    Unlock or create in-game items and share them between your PS Vita, PS4 and PS3.

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  • Cross-Save

    Begin your adventure at home on PS4 or PS3 then continue on PS Vita wherever you go – gaming without limits, just how you like it.

  • Cross-Controller

    Discover cool new ways to play your PS4 and PS3 games by using the PS Vita system's unique features to control selected titles.

  • Cross-Play

    Grab your PS Vita and enjoy live head-to-head gaming as you race, fight or team up with other PS4 or PS3 players.



The new PS Vita 2000 series

The new PS Vita 2000 series

Meet the slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita.

Available now.