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Is my existing Sony Entertainment Network account also available on PS Vita?

Yes, the same SEN accounts will be available on PS Vita.

Will I be able to access PlayStation Store from both 3G and Wi-Fi?

PlayStation Store will be able to be accessed from both 3G and Wi-Fi, which can be chosen depending on the network environments available or the volume of content.

Can I use PS Vita as a phone?

No. We didn't include the phone feature because we felt it was not absolutely necessary to realise our aims. 

Does PS Vita support Bluetooth headsets/headphones?

Commercially available Bluetooth headsets will work, however, they may function differently depending on the device specifications.

Can you use a commercially available Bluetooth keyboard/mouse? Can you connect the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller to PS Vita like PSPgo?

No. You cannot use a commercially available Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or a wireless controller on PS Vita.

Will PS Vita support all content that will become available on PlayStation Suite?

PS Suite content developed in the new game development environment provided for PS Suite can be enjoyed on PS Vita.

Will you introduce new services to PS Vita using PlayStation Network (such as trophies, video chat, friends list and PS Home) which are currently not supported on PSP?

PS Vita will support PlayStation Network services such as Friends, Matching, Ranking, trophies (which will be added to your overall trophy score from PS3) and more.

We will also introduce new features via PlayStation Network such as Activity, where you can check on the game accomplishments of other players, and unique location based services. We will announce further details when ready.

Will you offer combination features of PS Vita and PS3, like you have done with PSP?

As we did with PSP, PS Vita will offer attractive features that are enjoyed in combination with PS3 such as Remote Play. For example, WipEout 2048 (working title) on PS Vita offers CrossPlay features with PS3, enabling users to race against each other while playing on either system. We will announce further details when ready.

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