Wake-up Club

Release date: 6 February 2013

Publisher: SCEE

Media type:
1 - 12
Ad Hoc Mode:
Infrastructure Mode:
Network play:
with network play features

Put a spring in your step with the alarm clock app exclusive to PS Vita.

  • Use your PS Vita as a customised alarm clock – complete with a variety of special themes and alarm sounds.
  • Set a Wake-up Club alarm to be part of a club of up to 12 players who have set the same alarm time as you. Tap your on-screen avatar as quickly as you can when you wake up to win the competition.
  • Prod your club-mates' avatars to wake them up if they're still sleeping!
  • Monitor your stats and progress and collect PlayStation Network trophies as you play.
  • Download Wake-up Club for free from PlayStation Store.



What It's Like To Play



Rise and shine

The inspired idea behind Wake-up Club is that getting out of bed is easier and more enjoyable with friends to encourage you.

The app works by connecting you to a network of Wake-up Club members around the world. When your Wake-up Club alarm goes off, you have a few moments to tap the screen and let the community know you're awake; after that, the avatars of fellow fans with alarms set for the same time will start to appear on-screen to holler their support and cheer you on.

It's great fun to open your eyes and realise that real people across the globe are taking an interest in how long you choose to snooze. What's more, you can tap and hold any of the on-screen avatars to view user info and even send a friend request – so it's entirely possible to make a few new gaming buddies before breakfast. And if you'd rather ignore your alarm for a little longer? Simply shake the PS Vita system and the avatars will disappear.

Of course, it's also up to you to return the favour, cheering on your fellow Wake-up Club members to ensure they don't slumber through their important appointments. When you finally leave the Land of Nod, you can view your Wake-up Club Record to see how long on average you take to wake, how many times you've helped out other members and how many other players you've woken up with – useful stats that will show where you need to improve if you want to pick up some of the many trophies available for fast risers...



Clock work

Wake-up Club is a free app designed to turn every alarm call into the highlight of your day. Colourful and easy to get to grips with, it's easy to set multiple alarms, including the special Wake-up Club social alarm, a standard alarm that doesn't require an internet connection and a handy countdown timer.

You can choose from a wide range of bright and breezy sound settings as well as tailoring the voice of your avatar – so that when you help to wake fellow users, your cheers of encouragement take the form of anything from a chirpy "good morning" to the friendly moo of a cow. You can even take your pick from a variety of beautiful visual themes – including a few inspired by amazing PlayStation games such as Tokyo Jungle and Journey.

Everything is clearly laid out and accessible with just a few taps of the screen, leaving you safe to slumber until your alarm goes off. That's if you can resist checking out the stats screen to see how quickly you wake up compared to fellow fans...