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Discover PSP settings

Find out what you do if your PSP isn't working properly, if you're having problems connecting to a PC, and more.

You can access the following from the [Settings] icon on the Home Menu. In each case, select the icon and press the X button to adjust the relevant settings.

[Network Update]
Provides access to updates for the PSP System Software.

[USB Connection]
Allows for connection to a PC using a standard USB cable.

[Video Settings]
Includes settings for UMD Video Menu Language, Audio Language and Subtitle Language.

[Photo Settings]
Includes settings for adjusting the Slideshow speed.

[System Settings]
Includes details of the System Software version, as well as settings for the System Language and Nickname. Also provides an option to format Memory Stick Duo.

[Date & Time Settings]
Allows you to set the date and time, as well as adjusting for daylight saving time.

[Power Save Settings]
Includes settings to turn off the backlight automatically and put the PSP system into Sleep Mode.

[Sound Settings]
Provides access to settings for Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) and Key Tone.

[Security Settings]
Allows you to change the password and adjust the Parental Control Levels.

[Network Settings]
Provides access to settings for connecting to a Wireless (WLAN) Network.

Getting started

Select language and Nickname

Find out how to select the right language and name your PSP.

Set date and time

Find out how to set the date and the time on your PSP.

Insert and format Memory Stick Duo

Find out how to set up a Memory Stick Duo for use with your PSP.

Discover the PSP system's buttons

Find your way around PSP-3000.

Discover PSP settings



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Get help and support

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