Release date: 22 June 2007
Publisher: Atari


Bite-sized weird and wonderful party games for PSP.

Comprising over 200 devilish mini-games, which tell the quirky tale of a half-skater, half-nerd named Djon, HOT PIXEL is a delightfully fun experience.

Games range from the eccentrically outrageous to the subtle and cool, dipping into Atari's rich videogame history for inspiration along the way. Gameplay requires you to draw on your reflexes and classic 2D gaming prowess from blasting through old-school video games and turning tricks on a skateboard to stage-diving at a pixellated concert and simply crossing a busy digital street.

New content will become available through an online interface and a multiplayer Mega party mode, letting more than 1,000 players compete via the website, make full use of Infrastructure mode.

  • Two hundred quick, fun mini-games with an urban design
  • Gameplay enhanced by Infrastructure Mode features - website and store
  • Original soundtrack, including Daft Punk, Mr Oizo and Missmood



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