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Activate/Deactivate your PS3

Make sure your PS3 system is set up correctly to download PlayStation Network content.

For certain types of PlayStation Network content, the PlayStation 3 system that the content is intended to be used on must be activated by the Sony Entertainment Network account that purchased the content. 

This is an important requirement as, if the correct PS3 system is not activated, then it can not be used to access the content that you may have purchased. 

A maximum of five game systems may be registered to a single Sony Entertainment Network account at any one time. If you wish to deactivate a PS3 system from your Sony Entertainment Network account, you must do so by accessing the Sony Entertainment Network account with the registered PS3 system you wish to deactivate.  

As of 18 November 2011, users can play game content purchased from PlayStation Store on up to two PS3 systems. This update will not affect game content purchased before 18 November 18 2011.

Activate/Deactivate a PS3 system

1. Sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account via the PlayStation 3 system

On the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Menu, go to PlayStation Network > [Sign In].

2. Go to [Account Management]

Highlight [Account Management] and press the X button.

3. Go to [System Activation]

Highlight [System Activation] and press the X button.

4. Choose your system

Highlight [PS3™ System] and press the X button.

5. Select your content

Select the type of content you want your PS3 system to use and press the X button.

6. Activate/Deactivate your system

Highlight [Activate System] or [Deactivate System] as required and press the X button. Your PS3 system is now activated/deactivated. Highlight [OK} and press the X button to complete the process.

Expand your entertainment at PlayStation Store

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Activate/Deactivate your PS3



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