Ape Quest™

Ape Quest Packshot
Available on:
Release date: 24 April 2008
Developer: SCEI
Publisher: SCEE


Monkey around with your PSP.

In Ape Quest, the kingdom of Toqsica is in trouble, and only some serious monkeying around can save it. As prince of the realm it's your duty to defeat the mysterious menace of Apetron and his marauding monsters - but first you have to convince the Quest Guild to help you to find them.

Apetron is intent on destruction and you're the only one who can stop him. With help from the magical, wish-granting Spectral Bank, set out to destroy Apetron once and for all and enjoy a hilarious 3D adventure along the way.

  • Undertake Quests to save Toqsica by exploring dungeons and uncovering mini-games
  • Plan your routes carefully as once you start you can't stop
  • Meet up with the Ape-Team, a group of adventurers and travelling merchants

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