Blast Factor™

Blast Factor Packshot
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Release date: 23 March 2007
Publisher: SCEE


Guide your ship through infected cells, destroying deadly viral swarms.

With intuitive pick up and play controls designed specifically for the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller, loads of enemies and tons of powerful weapons to destroy them with, Blast Factor provides a dose of pure shoot-'em-up action. At the controls of your G-18 Nanite Interceptor, it's up to you to take out a series of microscopic – yet increasingly deadly – viral swarms. To aid you on your mission, you'll discover a whole arsenal of anti-viral weaponry and power-ups, which can be obtained from drop canisters – if you're quick enough to get to them.

With its challenging single player mode, Blast Factor will push your reactions, trigger finger and dexterity to the limit – all in glorious high definition at 1080p. But it doesn't end there; once you've honed your skills, put them to the test in co-operative or grudge match multiplayer modes for up to four players.

This title is exclusive to the PlayStation®Network and available for download to your PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation®Store.