Generation of Chaos

Generation of Chaos packshot
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Release date: 12 February 2009
Developer: Idea Factory
Publisher: Midas Interactive


Forge and exploit political alliances, manage cities, fortify terrain, and field huge armies to conquer your foes.

Incredibly deep strategy role-playing on an epic scale, Generation of Chaos places you in sole charge of the Kingdom of Dravania. Can you steer your people to glory?

Control any of ten diverse kingdoms, overseeing huge 30-vs-30 battles. Manage cities, plan alliances and assassinations and bring peace to Dravania with an iron fist.

Your choices are numerous - build defences, explore new lands, recruit troops or harness the powers of magic. Your ability to plan your military campaigns will decide your kingdom's fate.

• Create, defend and govern your own kingdom

• Experience epic 30 - vs - 30 battles in realtime splendour

• Play as ten different kingdoms, each with their own storyline and ending