Ask a question about DUST 514 and win

Ask a question about DUST 514 and win
Tell us what you want to know about the upcoming shooter and you could win a DUST 514 T-shirt.

Set within the universe of EVE Online, DUST 514 is a shooter that will allow players on PlayStation 3 to connect with the hundreds of thousands of gamers already competing in EVE Online on their PC.

Do you have a burning question about this upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive? Enter your question below and it could be answered by the game's executive producer, Brandon Laurino. We'll be picking the ten most original and interesting questions for Brandon to answer, and posting the responses back here on The ten people who ask a winning question will each receive a DUST 514 T-shirt.

Please note you will need a Sony Entertainment Network account to enter this competition. You can create an account by visiting on a PC or alternatively, you can create a Sony Entertainment Network account on a PlayStation 3 system, a Wi-Fi enabled PSP system or a PS Vita system. 

Entrants must be aged 18 or over and a resident in a participating country.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before entering this competition.

Competition Details

Start date: 18/05/2012 (Midnight GMT)
End date: 24/05/2012 (Midnight GMT)
Status: Winners announced


  • Wbrinkman (Netherlands)
  • ridster3 (UK)
  • Elavarasan (UK)
  • MW3-Marathon-2 (UK)
  • Electrodos (Spain)
  • Karimjaw (UK)
  • War_BraWler_Pro (France)
  • CrisTiaaN_90 (Spain)
  • MrSugarholic123 (UK)
  • dumdog45 (UK)