The most powerful system

PlayStation 4 means experiences that are bigger, bolder, more immersive. And more than you ever imagined.


Smarter play

Why choose PS4?

For stunning graphics performance that means games are blisteringly real. For unforgettable solo and connected social experiences. For play that's ready when you are, thanks to automatic background updates and games that can be enjoyed even as they download.

Because PS4 is the world's most powerful games system.


Precision control


  • Show off your greatest gaming moments via the SHARE button.
  • Enjoy a new touch pad, a coloured light bar and our best design yet.
  • Play with more precision thanks to built-in motion sensors, an integrated speaker and touch controls.

The best of you

Share in seconds

  • Your finest moments
    Immortalise your biggest triumphs as video clips and screenshots with a tap of the SHARE button.

  • Stream your gameplay
    Become a community sensation by streaming your live gameplay, complete with picture-in-picture video.

  • Edit your clips
    Use the SHAREfactory app to easily create and share your own highlights package.


Perfect partners

PS4 and PlayStation Vita

  • Remote Play
    Play PS4 games on your PS Vita by streaming over your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Cross-Play
    Continue saved games or challenge friends on any system with Cross-Play games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita
  • Cross-Buy
    Download Cross-Buy games to both your PS4 and PS Vita with a single purchase.

Never stop playing

Introducing PlayStation TV

  • Compact impact
    Enjoy innovative technology in one small, stylish micro console.
  • Never miss a second
    Play your PS4 games no matter who's using the main TV.
  • Plug in and play
    Start your game in one room, continue playing in another room.


  • Meet the AR Bots that live inside DUALSHOCK 4. Summon Asobi, the flying robot who likes to play in your living room.
  • Pre-installed on your PlayStation 4, to see how DUALSHOCK 4 and PlayStation Camera work in harmony together.

At your command

Play your way

Log in to PS4 instantly with facial recognition and use voice inputs to navigate the PS4 system menu hands-free.


Stay connected

The PlayStation App

Not at home? No problem. The PlayStation App lets you connect with your PS4 on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.


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