Update features (ver 1.60)


Find out what features are included in PS3 system software update 1.60.

An update to the PS3 system software was made available on March 22, 2007. With this update, the system software is version 1.60. Features updated in system software update 1.60 include:

Main features that are new or revised

  • Precision Zoom and Resolution settings (Internet Browser)

Precision Zoom: You can automatically enlarge with pinpoint accuracy the area on the screen where the cursor is located. By analysing the web page source, the system automatically calculates the best enlargement rate based on the area where the cursor is located.
Resolution settings: You can adjust web page size for optimal viewing based on the PS3 system's video output resolution. A setting to reduce flickering of the screen when outputting in interlace mode has also been added.

  • Full-size keyboard

You can now use a full-size on-screen keyboard to enter text.

  • Folding@home

Folding@home™ is a distributed computing project that is run by Stanford University. The goal of the project is to research protein folding mechanisms in the hope that this will lead to medical treatments for related diseases. By starting the Folding@home™ program that is installed on a PS3 system, you can participate in this project over the Internet.

  • Remote play via an access point

You can now use the remote play feature from a PSP system via an access point.

  • Addition of Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish as system languages


Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish have been added as options in [System Language] under [System Settings].

Other new or revised features


  • Background downloading of data is now supported.
  • Support for playback of BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable) ver 3.0 has been added.
  • The PS3 system can now automatically detect an HDMI connection to a TV. If the PS3 system is turned on with an HDMI cable connected, the screen for switching video output settings will be displayed automatically.*

* Will not function unless the TV that is connected by the HDMI cable is turned on.


  • You can now select the character set to be used for file names under [System Settings] > [Character Set].
  • [Enable WMA Playback] has been added as an option under [System Settings].
  • [Disc Auto-Start] has been added as an option under [System Settings].
  • You can now restore backed up data to another PS3 system under [System Settings] > [Backup Utility].
  • You can now register a keyboard and a mouse under [Accessory Settings] > [Register Bluetooth® Device].
  • [Remote Play Settings] has been added as an option.


  • Support for playback of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) discs has been added.*
    * These discs are music discs created using SonicStage Mastering Studio Version 2.1 or later or DSD Direct Version 2.0 or later (both Sony products, sold separately).


  • Motion JPEG and AVCHD (.m2ts) have been added as playable formats.


  • [Download Management] has been added as a feature.


  • [Start New Chat] has been added as an option.



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