PlayStation Store pre-orders


Cancel your pre-order

Find out how to cancel your PlayStation Store pre-order if you change your mind.

Before payment has been taken from your wallet:

1. Sign in to your PS3

Sign in to the User Account you used to pre-order the product from PlayStation Store.

2. Go to Account Management

Go to PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] on the XMB™ Menu and press the X button on your wireless controller.

3. Go to Transaction History

Scroll down to and highlight [Transaction Management], press the X button, highlight [Transaction History] and press the X button again.

4. Specify time period

Specify the time period to be displayed; this must include the date on which you pre-ordered the product. Highlight [Continue] and press the X button.

5. Find your product

Highlight the product purchase that relates to your pre-order and press the X button.

Note: The date of the product purchase will be the date you pre-ordered the product.

6. Cancel your pre-order

To cancel your pre-order, highlight [Cancel Pre-order] and press the X button. You will be prompted to confirm cancellation of your pre-order. Highlight [Confirm] and press the X button again. Your pre-order is now cancelled and you will not be charged. An email will be sent confirming that your pre-order has been cancelled.

After payment has been taken from your wallet:

To cancel your pre-order after payment has been taken, but before the release date, please contact Customer Support at

PlayStation Store pre-orders

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Cancel your pre-order



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