An introduction to Video on PlayStation 3


Playing content on disc

Find out how to view or listen to content on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD.

1 Insert the disc

1. Insert the disc with the label side facing up.

2. The eject indicator turns solid blue when the disc is inserted.

2. An icon is displayed in the XMB™ menu, and playback of the disc begins.

If the disc does not automatically start, select the icon for the disc from the XMB™ menu, and then press the X button.

Ejecting a disc

1. Eject button.

Stop playback, and then press the eject button.


  • Do not insert multiple discs or foreign objects into the disc slot, because this may cause the system to malfunction.
  • Discs that are not compatible with the system cannot be played.
  • To play commercially available BD video software, in some cases the encryption key* may need to be renewed. The encryption key can be renewed when the system software is updated.
  • Images may vary depending on the model or the software version in use.

* AACS (Advanced Access Control System) key

An introduction to Video on PlayStation 3

File formats that can be played or viewed

Find out which video file formats can be played or viewed on PS3.

Play content on USB devices

Find out how to play video content from USB devices connected to your PS3.

Playing content on disc

Use the Wireless Controller to view content

Find out how to use the Wireless Controller for fast forward and fast reverse operations.

Play AVCHD files

You can play AVCHD-format video files that are saved on Memory Stick media or on the hard disk of a digital video camera.

Video on PS3

PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray Disc Player built in that lets you watch your favourite films in true High Definition (up to 1080p depending on your television).



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