Use Instant Play to start watching your movies now


Find out how Instant Play gets you closer to the action in no time at all.

The Video Store of PlayStation Store is brimming with bags of your favourite TV shows, blockbuster movies and family favourites. If you choose to rent any of this great content, you can get to the action even quicker by taking advantage of Instant Play. Start streaming your selection to your PlayStation 3 as soon as you rent it - find out how here.

1. Go to the Video Store of PlayStation Store

On the PS3 system's XMB™ Menu, go to Video > [PlayStation®Store].

2. Find your rental content

Go to [Rent] on the main menu to browse our regularly updated catalogue of hit shows and movies available to download.

3. Select your item

Choose which version you would like to rent by pressing the X button on your wireless controller.

4. Select [Download]

5. Confirm download

Follow the on-screen instructions to start downloading your item.

6. Select [Stream]

Once you've selected your item, you can choose whether you want to start streaming it to your PS3 so you can watch it straight away or whether you prefer to download the file to your system and view the content once this has completed.

7. Internet connection speed test

Your PS3 will run a test to verify that your Internet connection can provide a suitable streaming experience.

8. Instant Play confirm

If your Internet connection is suitable for streaming content, select [OK] and press the X button to start viewing your content instantly.

9. Sit back, relax and enjoy

Your content will start playing. If at any point, you want to pause the action, press the START button on your wireless controller. Alternatively, press the Triangle button to bring up the video menu and press the Circle button to exit.

Note: Before the video starts playing, you may be asked to input a four-digit password if Parental Controls have been set on the PS3 system. For information on how to amend the Parental Control password, please consult the PS3 instruction manual.



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