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How do you use PlayStation Move in Sorcery?

The motion controller is integral to nearly all components of Sorcery. One of our key aims when we started to make Sorcery was to create a game that couldn't be experienced using any other controller. Combat, exploration, user interface, they all use PS Move in ways that normal input devices would come up short.

What are the benefits of using PS Move in Sorcery?

In short: immersion. After a very brief amount of time, it becomes very easy to lose yourself in the Sorcery experience and forget you're playing a game. You feel like you're casting spells and exploring a magical world.

How has the high degree of accuracy and speed afforded by PS Move helped in creating Sorcery?

In numerous ways: the motion controller involves the player on a new level that other motion controllers can't accomplish. You quickly forget about making sure that you're using the controller in the right way and you just play. The combination of freedom and accuracy of movement provided by PlayStation Move is unmatched right now, and it translates into on-screen fidelity that makes the world seem that much more alive.

How does the inclusion of PS Move change the way you approach and play Sorcery compared to other titles in that genre?

The motion controller makes Sorcery more of an experience than a game, much more than any previous game we've worked on. The game quickly becomes about making decisions and effortlessly executing them rather than wrestling with how to do this or that. It's a very intuitive experience.

What is the most exciting aspect of using PS Move in Sorcery?

It's hard to nail down a single aspect that makes the motion controller stand out; it really is the combination of the multiple advancements that PlayStation Move brings that make the total package exciting. It is that comfortable blend of freedom and precision that is exciting.

What are your favourite moments so far in developing Sorcery with PS Move?

By far the most exciting times have been when we show the game to someone new and see them discover how open their gestures and decisions can be. The huge smiles they get when they see the accurate translation of their movements to on-screen action delivers a brand new gaming experience.

What challenges did you encounter in creating Sorcery with something as innovative as PS Move?

We had to rethink player input from the ground up. Each new feature had us going back to the drawing board on how best to translate that into PlayStation Move experiences.

Is there anything else you want to add about Sorcery and PlayStation Move?

We believe that, when it releases, PS Move will be the best motion controller available; and we've built Sorcery around the technology and player input of PlayStation Move. Consequently, we're hopeful when it comes out that Sorcery will be one of the truest motion controller experiences available.

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