Destroy All Humans! 2

Release date: 27 October 2006
Publisher: THQ


Sequel to the widely acclaimed hit - Destroy All Humans! 2 takes the brand's irreverent Sci-Fi action gaming experience into the swinging sixties


  • Never leave the game world as you explore five open-world game environments - from Bay City (San Francisco), Albion (London), Takoshima Island (Tokyo) to Tunguska (Russia) and other new environments. New weapons and mental abilities give you a greater freedom to go anywhere and interact, manipulate or destroy just about anything in your path

  • You're now free to choose which missions to play and in what order - without the need to return to the mothership to start new missions. Plus a greater variety of side missions that are more relevant to the game's storyline

  • Improved conversation games and mission briefings mean more humor for you to uncover and greater character interaction