FIFA Street 2

Release date: 3 March 2006
Developer: EA SPORTS
Publisher: EA SPORTS


Football culture kicks off on PlayStation 2 as EA Sports' BIG goes back to the streets again.

Fast-paced four-on-four action with a touch of flair is at the heart of FIFA Street 2. This second global outing takes the arcade-like experience to new levels. Capturing the passion of real street football, the game boasts a new trick stick system, a range of stylish ball control moves and new Gamebreakers that improve on the game-winning set pieces of the original.

The improved gameplay is complemented by a host of new global locations, which range from the famous Westway in London to the beautiful beachside of Brazil. FIFA Street 2 ups the ante with its portrayal of a sport embraced by the world.

  • Captures the passion of street football
  • New trick stick system and Gamebreakers
  • Range of new international locations