Colosseum: Road to Freedom

Release date: 9 September 2005
Developer: KOEI
Publisher: KOEI


"Morituri te salutant" - those about to die salute you!

Taken into slavery, you have a chance to earn your freedom in the arena, basking in the adoration of the crowd. Crying out for blood, the pack is hungry for entertainment and death, whether you fight against man and beast, or re-enact military battles of old.

Koei's 3D gladiatorial beat 'em up brings you first-hand experience of the spectacle and violence of arena combat, as a conspiracy brews in the shadows that will shake the very foundations of the Roman Empire.


  • Six battle styles - Survival, Battle Royal, Duel, Team, Hunting and Mock

  • 360-degree combat where anything you can pick up becomes a weapon

  • Master combat techniques and outfit your gladiator with a range of equipment