Armored Core: Nexus

Release date: 7 October 2005
Developer: Digital Jesters
Publisher: Digital Jesters


Metal-grinding mech combat launches a salvo on PS2.

It has been a long time since the human race finally emerged from the safety of their underground shelters. The Organization of Controlling Corporations (OCC), which was founded in order to begin the slow and steady reconstruction of society, quickly loses its power as stability begins to return to the land. But the intention of the OCC is anything but benign.

The Narvis company, realising the power that they can wield by controlling the planetary resources, quickly launches a dramatic plan that will erupt into global war and completely destabilise society once again, while they reap the rewards. It's time to step into the mech and battle it out once more...


  • 150-plus missions, 40-plus arena opponents, 14 battle maps and 400-plus parts to customise your mech

  • The Active Mission feature means player actions determine how they advance

  • Head-to-head multiplayer mode enables up to four players to compete