AND 1 Streetball

Release date: 1 September 2006
Developer: Black Ops Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft


Hoop-shooting urban sports action slams onto PlayStation 2.

AND 1 stays true to the game, offering up a hyper-real slice of Streetball action. Covering the top names of this growing urban sport - including Skip To My Lou, AO, Hot Sauce, and The Professor - you can play as, or take up the challenge of competing against, these legendary stars. Take the action out onto the court or half-court in one-on-one and full-team fives games.

Boasting a story mode that lets you experience the trials and tribulations of getting signed to the AND 1 Mix Tape Team (as featured on American sports channel ESPN), players can create their own unique, rising Streetball star. The customisation options extend to a Create-a-Move editor, which gives you free rein to develop your own style.

Taking the action up a pace is the I-Ball control system that gives a dramatic depth to both offensive and defensive moves, and places signature pieces like Hot Sauce's killer crossover and The Professor's no-look passes, plus those of your own invention in your hands.

And if making a name for yourself in story mode is not enough to sate your ambition, AND 1 lets you take the action online to showcase your moves and talent to the wider world.

  • Create you own Streetball legend
  • Compete with and against the sport's top names
  • One-on-one, fives, full and half court options
  • Take the challenge to your friends online