SpinDrive Ping Pong

Release date: 30 March 2005
Developer: Xplosiv
Publisher: Xplosiv


The skill and passion of pro-tour circuit Table Tennis all played out on PS2!

Unlike Atari's classic Pong, the break neck pace of SpinDrive means you can't quickly nip out, switch the kettle on and get back to play a return. Fast paced and true to the sport, SpinDrive is an eye blurring journey into a world of lightning reactions and skill.

The fast paced and exhilarating matches can be played in a variety of modes. Tournament mode and Rally mode pit you against top players in a competitive competition or drop you into a fast paced rally. While Exhibition mode enables you to leap straight into a one-off match.

Xplosiv have developed a realistic ball spinning system that captures this skilful nuance of the sport. Alongside this, slow-motion style recovery shots add a level of tension in stark contrast to the speed of a rally. Intuitive and easy to pickup, players will rapidly master the ability to control the ball, pulling off fantastic smashes.


  • Fast paced, realistic Table Tennis action

  • Intuitive control system, acquire advanced skills rapidly

  • Wide range of characters to choose from, each with their own 'special shot'