R: Racing

Release date: 2 April 2004
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Namco


The creators of Ridge Racer take a different route, and attempt to tread the fine racing line between arcade and simulation driving.

Ever since Ridge Racer V paved the way for the flood of PlayStation 2 titles we see before us today, Namco has kept the series dormant, choosing instead to focus on its highly realistic MotoGP franchise. The good news is that the silence has finally been broken. The even better news is that the Ridge Racer team has paired up with the MotoGP crew to create Namco's first attempt at a driving simulation on PS2.

The result is R: Racing, an action-racing experience that strays from the RR formula by featuring life-like driving physics, real world circuits and a wide selection of licensed motors from top vehicle manufacturers. With a number of unorthodox touches such as a narrative-driven career mode and unique gameplay features, R: Racing is a head-on collision between the finest elements from both sides of the driving game track.

At the core of R: Racing is Racing Life, a story-driven career mode that charts the intense rivalry between two highly talented professional female racers. You play as rookie Japanese contender Rena Hayami, a former ambulance driver who's recruited into the world of pro racing and soon makes a rival in the form of top driver Gina Cavalli. Over the course of 14 chapters, you'll compete in multirace tournaments, one-off races, rally races and drag races, all the while charting the rise of Rena through a number of beautifully-rendered cutscenes.

As you complete races, you'll pick up points that can be used to purchase extra cars and races, as well as to upgrade existing cars by reducing their weight reduction and increasing horsepower. Vehicles have been licensed from manufacturers such as Dodge, Honda, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and Alfa Romeo, and range from straight racing machines to rally vehicles, American muscle cars and more. What's more, they've been recreated from data collected on their real-life counterparts, allowing you to feel the heaviness of the wheel, engine activity and air resistance on the car's body.

While a completely different motorised beast from the Ridge Racer games, R: Racing still delivers the same level of exhilaration and tension that made the series so legendary.


  • Unique 'Racing Life' mode puts you in the jumpsuit of a top female racer

  • Over 35 licensed vehicles

  • 14 tracks blending real-life and fictitious locations

  • Interactive Driver AI System and in-game radio communications bring you closer to the racing action

  • Innovative 'pressure meter': put stress on the competition and force them to make mistakes