Sly Raccoon

Release date: 17 January 2003
Developer: Sucker Punch
Publisher: SCEE


He's one thieving, scheming, devious raccoon.

Sly, the internationally renowned sneak thief, must steal back the stolen Thievius Raccoonus – his family's age-old "book of burglary", and restore their long-standing reputation as the world's greatest jewel thieves.

Using calculated stealth, wily charisma and charming guile, Sly's crafty capers are truly captivating.

  • Learn cunning new moves to progress from amateur crook to expert criminal
  • Steal priceless jewels, rob casino cash, then scarper with your loot
  • Dodge security guards, evade infra-red lasers, scale rooftops and escape to thieve another day!