Call of Duty® World at War - Final Fronts

Release date: 14 November 2008
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Activision


War like you've never experienced before.

Confront new and ruthless enemies across Pacific and European battlefields in the final days of World War II. Taking control of a US Marine or a Russian conscript, it's up to you to thwart the advance of the Axis powers.

Engage the enemy on foot and in vehicle and airborne missions, and experience a level of depth never seen before in a World War II game. Everything from the tactics and weapons to the varying landscapes, taking in the ruins of Western Europe and the harsh wetlands of Imperial Japan, sets the tone for this epic struggle.

  • Experience the final days of World War II, retold in the Call of Duty series' own cinematic style
  • Fight a merciless new enemy that knows no fear
  • Burn anything that stands in your way with the flamethrower