Monster Jam®

Release date: 30 May 2008
Publisher: Activision


Get behind the wheel of the world's biggest and baddest monster trucks.

Monster Jam is all about brutal racing as you catch massive air, perform crazy stunts and crush everything in your path to the finish line.

It features 20 of the biggest names in monster truck racing, such as Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction, and nine different stadiums to tear up. There are also 12 fully destructible outdoor circuits where you're able to wreck school buses, petrol stations and luxury yachts.

You'll need to combine speed and aggression if you want to qualify for the Monster Jam World Championship in Las Vegas.

  • Use four wheel steering to negotiate hairpin turns and pull off outrageous stunts
  • Destroy your monster truck - tear the chassis, lose your tyres, blow your engine and more
  • Crush your friends in split-screen multiplayer


The monsters are coming

Climb behind the wheel of the world's most famous monster trucks and crush your way to the chequered flag.

In the USA, people love trucks. They especially love huge trucks; trucks with wheels the size of elephants, growling engines and names like Destroyer and King Krunch.

Testament to this is the popularity of Monster Jam; a motorsport event and television show pitting the world's most famous monsters against each other in tests of speed, power and good old-fashioned aggression. This is the official game of that tour and it features all of the massive vehicles, explosive entertainment and exciting races that make Monster Jam such a hit.

The main single player mode is The Championship, which recreates a Monster Jam season all the way through to the glitzy World Finals in Las Vegas. But before you get there, you must complete a series of events at each of four tour legs - South East, Midwest, Coastal and Southern.

The biggest event on each leg is the Cross Country, in which you race against three other trucks across outdoor circuits littered with cranes, scrapped cars and derelict building equipment. The winner is whoever crosses the finishing line first, and you gain bonus points for crushing objects and hitting big jumps, resulting in a balancing act between speed and destruction. Points can in turn be used to unlock extra vehicles.

Stadium Racing pits two trucks against each other on parallel circuits, with the first to finish claiming the win. The circuits are varied, each with its own obstacles, ramps and tunnels. Joining Stadium Racing in the indoor category is Freestyle; a festival of twisted metal in which you have two minutes to destroy as much of the circuit as possible. Again, each event is varied and has its own set of ramps and obstacles, including crates, caravans and, in one instance, a giant pirate ship.

Complementing the Championship is Single Event mode, which allows you to practice a particular discipline or replay your favourite circuit. In this mode you also get the opportunity to accrue points and unlock more vehicles. The cast of 20 includes favourites such as Grave Digger and El Toro Loco, as well as the brilliant Monster Mutt, which is fitted with dog ears and a tail.

Completing the package is multiplayer mode, which lets you and a friend compete against each other in any of the single player events.

Monster Jam is a faithful recreation of the incredibly popular monster truck tour and an intriguing new twist on the arcade racing genre. It captures the tone of the event very well and destructible circuits provide a sense of mayhem and add an extra layer of depth to races.

In conclusion, it is as much fun as a game based around driving a monster truck off a ramp and into a pile of cars ought to be.