Ask a question about Dungeon Hunter: Alliance and win

Ask a question about Dungeon Hunter: Alliance and win
Put your questions to Gameloft, developer of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance on PlayStation 3, and you could win one of their games for free.

Please note that this competition has been extended to 19 April 2011.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is an action role-playing game available to download from PlayStation Store - but what do you want to know about this upcoming quest on PS3?

We're giving you the chance to ask developer Gameloft anything you want about this exciting adventure - your question can be as weird and wonderful as you like. Simply sign in below using your PlayStation Network Sign-In ID and submit it in the text box provided.

We'll pick the most creative and unique questions for the developer to answer, and then post the responses right here at

What's more, if your question is used, we'll send you a voucher code to download a free copy of Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 from PlayStation Store.

You have until 19 April 2011 to submit your questions - good luck.

Competition Details

Start date: 06/04/2011 (Midnight GMT)
End date: 19/04/2011 (Midnight GMT)
Status: Winners announced


  • TankPlay (UK)
  • MadBoJangles (UK)
  • EnglishSpaniel (UK)
  • Cumberdanes (UK)
  • Spyro_the (Spain)
  • DiosNeo (Spain)
  • AoGuangLong (Germany)
  • AdrianKingRing (Germany)
  • Maniac-Norton (Germany)
  • BR78500 (France)