Release date: 16 February 2012

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PlayStation 3 isn't a game. It's a software server application for the PS3 system that uses the PlayStation Move motion controller as an input device.

Note: is currently available only for university courses and research affiliates. We ask all applicants to use an official university or college email address.

We want to see what innovative applications students and researchers can create using the PS Move controller, the PS3 system, the PlayStation Eye camera and a PC.

Show us how you can take the PS Move beyond traditional gaming and into areas such as:

  • Child friendly programming interfaces for computer/technology classes or individual learning.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Sports physiology or fitness training.
  • Music and the creative arts.
  • PS Move concept design
  • Augmented reality, 3D, and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • Addressing physically challenged or special education needs.

You can access the following information to get started programming with

Connect with the community at to share ideas, get help and find out what you can do with

Successful applicants will be sent a voucher code which can be used to download from PlayStation Store. If necessary, additional proof of your academic background may be required to support your request.

For more information, email



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