Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit T&Cs


Part A: Entry Criteria and Conditions


1. This Competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 or over.


2. Entrants must be eligible to travel to the United States.


3. You can only enter this Competition during the following period: [10/02/2011 at 09.00 GMT] (the "Opening Date") and [28/03/2011 at 23:59 GMT] (the "Closing Date").


4. This Competition is limited to one entry per person.  


Part B: Entry Method and Selection


Phase 1


5. This Competition is comprised of two phases.  To enter phase 1 of this Competition Entrants must take part in a transmedia game (the "Game"). Entrants must register and access the Game via the website  During the entry process, you will be asked to enter some personal details and to agree to these Specific Rules.


6. Entrants to the Game will play the role of an ISA reconnaissance agent undergoing simulated training to help learn how to fight the Helghast.  The Game consists of Helgan symbol collection (across different types of media) through four training missions.  


7. Entrants may complete each mission within the Game by achieving one of the following completion levels:


a. Bronze Completion – Entrant has completed a mission at a basic level;

b. Silver Completion – Entrant has completed a mission and in doing so has uncovered a number of secret elements; and

c. Gold Completion – Entrant has completed a mission and in doing so has completed the level as thoroughly as possible.


8. Entrants who achieve a Gold or Silver Completion for a mission will be entered into a prize draw once that mission has ended (the "Mission Draw").  The Promoter will select, at random, five hundred (500) gold winners ("Gold Draw Winners") and one thousand (1000) silver winners ("Silver Draw Winners") in each Mission Draw.


9. The first five hundred (500) Entrants to complete all four missions within the Game (at any completion level) and to have collected 10 Helghan Symbols will progress to phase 2 of the Competition.  


Phase 2


10.  Entrants who progress to phase 2 of the Competition will be invited to take part in a simulated gun range, consisting of a web controlled pneumatic gun (the "Range").  


11.  The Range will open on [23/02/2011 at 12.00 GMT] and close on [25/03/2011 at 22:00 GMT].  Entrants must select a particular time slot to take part in the Range and if an Entrant does not select a time slot then they will be unable to participate.


12.  The two winners will be the two Entrants who obtain the highest and second highest score on the Range (the "Range Winners"). In the event that more than two Entrants obtain the highest or second highest score then the Promoter will select, at random, two winners from those Entrants.


13.  For each calendar day that the Range is open, there will also be a prize for the Entrant who has achieved the single top scoring shot during that day ("Single Shot Winner").  In the event that more than two Entrants obtain the single top scoring shot then the Promoter will select, at random, one winner from those Entrants.


Part C: The Prizes


14. The prize for each Gold Draw Winner is a PlayStation Network code ("PSN Code") which is redeemable for three attribute points that will contribute to an Entrant's account in the Killzone 3 online multiplayer game. The prize for each Silver Draw Winner is a PSN code which is redeemable for a static theme that can be applied to an Entrant's PS3 XMB.


15. The Gold and Silver Draw Winners will be notified by e-mail and the e-mail will contain the PSN Code for redemption of the prize.


16. The prize for each Range Winner is:


•         Economy class return flight for the Range Winner to Los Angeles;

•         Up to two nights' accommodation in a 3* hotel or above (or equivalent accommodation) on a bed and breakfast basis;

•         Two tickets to attend the E3 Convention in Los Angeles; and

•         Transfers to and from the US airport, the hotel and the E3 Convention.


Range Winners are responsible for their own transport to and from their home and their nearest international airport, and for arranging their own travel insurance.  The above trip will take place in 2011 on dates to be specified by the Promoter.


17.  Range Winners will be notified by e-mail within 1 week of the Closing Date and will be given 4 days to claim their prize.


18.  The prize for each Single Shot Winner is a Helghast edition of Killzone 3. Single Shot Winners will be notified by e-mail within 1 week of the Closing Date and will be given 4 days to claim their prize.



Part D: Publicity and Filming


19. The Promoter may publish the names of the Gold and Silver Mission Draw and Range Winners on its website(s). The Gold and Silver Mission Draw and Range Winners names will be made available on request to those sending a SAE marked Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit Competition to the following address: Sony Computer Entertainment Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, within 10 weeks of the closing date specified above. 


20.  The Promoter may want to film Range Winners during their attendance at the E3 Convention. By attending and participating in such events, Entrants will be considered to have given the Promoter and its associated companies and agents, permission to: 


a. photograph, film and record them during their attendance;         

b. edit, alter, reproduce, publish and distribute any such photographs, recordings and films or anything derived from them (the "Material") in any medium; and 

c. use the Material, in whole or in part, for any purposes it deems necessary to promote, advertise or exploit the PlayStation brand and anything connected to it.


21. Entrants also agree to waive any moral rights that they may have in the Material and to release the Promoter and its associated companies and agents from any claims for payment in connection with their use of the Material.


Part E: General


22. By entering this Competition, all Entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Specific Rules and the General Rules and consent to the transfer of their personal data to the Promoter for the purposes of the administration of this Competition and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented. All entry instructions form part of these Specific Rules. 


23. General Rules also apply to this Competition. Please click here to view the General Rules. 


24.  No expenses will be covered by the Promoter other than those expressly stated to be covered in these Specific Rules.


25.  The Promoter may disqualify you from the Competition or withdraw prizes from you if you:


a.      do not fulfil all of the relevant entry criteria;

b.      give the Promoter untruthful, inaccurate or misleading information;

c.      do not follow these Specific Rules and/or the General Rules; 

d.      do not follow any rules or instructions given by the Promoter or its agents at any time during this Competition.


26.  In the event that an Entrant or Winner is disqualified or is unable to attend any part of the Competition or the prize, the Promoter reserves the right to appoint the relevant runner-up as a substitute.


27.  The Promoter shall have no liability to pay compensation to you if you are disqualified from this Competition or if you are unable to attend or take part in any stage of the Competition for whatever reason.


28. These Specific Rules shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.




Sony Computer Entertainment UK Limited of 10 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7LP United Kingdom.